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The Bean Barometer


It is not always easy to provide a comprehensive overview of our experience of a destination/venue/product/service, so I have compiled a simple rating guide based on our personal experience.

The Bean Barometer will hopefully help you in making the best decisions regarding the destinations/venues/products/services reviewed here.

5 beans: Outstanding! An all-round fantastic experience, where thought is given to every detail, with excellent customer service. My family loved it, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this destination/venue/product/service to you and your family. Add it to the top of your bucket list.

4 beans: Excellent destination/venue/product/service with a teeny, tiny bit of room for improvement. Good service and attention to detail. A must for your family travel wishlist.

3 beans: A good, solid destination/venue/product/service offering value for money. Service and attention to detail could do with a little more consideration. A safe bet for your holiday wishlist.

2 beans: Oh dear! This destination/venue/product/service didn’t meet our expectations and has a lot of room for improvement. You probably want to give it a skip.

1 bean: Rather stay home!

Nappy Rating

Family friendly destinations aren’t necessarily baby friendly. There is nothing worse than visiting a venue listed as family friendly that doesn’t have ramps for prams or baby changing facilities.

Our Nappy Rating is based on the ease with which we were able to visit a destination or venue with baby Finn.

5 nappies: An outstanding baby-friendly venue. Everything you could possibly need or want for baby is at hand, with great attention to detail to ensure baby’s safety (and preserve your sanity).

4 nappies: Excellent! Most things you need for baby are taken care of, with a little room for improvement.

3 nappies: A good baby-friendly venue, but a little more attention is needed to move the experience from good to great.

2 nappies: Only the basics for baby are provided.

1 nappy: Not baby friendly at all.


Welcome to Muddy Boots, a little escape from your everyday world that features my personal experiences with family-friendly travel, leisure and lifestyle activities in South Africa. I’m a fulltime writer, editor and author; wife to a long-suffering husband; mom to 3 young boys (aged 10, 4 and 1); and pack leader to 2 mutts and 1 thieving Weimaraner who steals (and eats) everything he sees. We all live together in a little village at the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains in the southern Cape, where the weather is wild and traffic jams usually involve waiting for herds of lazy bovines to cross the road. BRONWYN MULROONEY
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