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The name Muddy Boots Blog evolved out of a trademark characteristic of The Middle Child, who always has a dirty face. His level of enjoyment of any experience can always be measured by how dirty his face is!

The Middle Child is a magnet for mud, something which often leaves the rest of us in fits of giggles.

Thinking about that I realised that most kids enjoy getting dirty, muddy and generally, grubby, when playing outdoors. The more fun they have, the dirtier they are.

I figured if mud was such a delight to kids, I needed to go with it! As for the boots…whether they’re hiking boots, biking boots or just regular old wellies to help manage that mud, they’re a South African family travel must-have!

More than just focusing on South African family travel and leisure, the Muddy Boots Blog also looks at the modern lifestyle.

I am a vegetarian who is deeply committed to the plight of our planet. I only use chemical-free, natural products in my home, and all my beauty products are cruelty-free.

We are avid recyclers, compost-makers and try to limit the amount of waste that comes into our home – including mindless plastic toys often given to the kids.

Because I am so passionate about conservation, preserving our natural heritage and raising my children in as an environmentally-friendly way as possible, the Muddy Boots Blog as a brand shares these principles.

The Muddy Boots Blog brand values:

  • Nature first
  • Wholesome and nurturing
  • Chemical-free, cruelty-free
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Handmade and homemade
  • Live lightly
  • Leave only footprints behind
  • Sustainable, empowering, authentic
  • Pure
  • Magical

I aim to work with ethical, responsible brands that share these values, helping you make informed choices about your South African family travel, leisure and lifestyle activities.

Welcome to Muddy Boots, a little escape from your everyday world that features my personal experiences with family-friendly travel, leisure and lifestyle activities in South Africa. I’m a fulltime writer, editor and author; wife to a long-suffering husband; mom to 3 young boys (aged 10, 4 and 1); and pack leader to 2 mutts and 1 thieving Weimaraner who steals (and eats) everything he sees. We all live together in a little village at the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains in the southern Cape, where the weather is wild and traffic jams usually involve waiting for herds of lazy bovines to cross the road. BRONWYN MULROONEY
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